Texas Revises Electrician Licensing Penalties

According to the New York City Council website, on March 21, Mayor Bill de Blasio enacted Introduction 247-A, a bill which amends the New York City administrative code to increase the civil and criminal penalties for performing electrical work without a license.

As mentioned above, an applicant for a license as an electrical contractor must be licensed in Texas as a master electrician or employ a person licensed in Texas as a master electrician. You may find the Electrical Contractor license application form here .

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License to Survive Like the rest of the country, Kentucky is in the midst of a skilled labor shortage. Its unique approach to solving the problem has divided the state’s electrical industry and raised serious questions about whether it could — or should — be attempted elsewhere.

Information about Electrical Safety Penalties and Sanctions administered by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

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The Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation recently adopted a revised enforcement plan that includes a penalty matrix for violations of licensing regulations.

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