Nec Rules On Outside Branch Circuits And Feeders

2017 Code Language: 680.25 Feeders. These provisions shall apply to any feeder on the supply side of panelboards supplying branch circuits for pool equipment covered in Part II of this article and on the load side of the service equipment or the source of a separately derived system.

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MAIN ABOVE ground swimming pool article. procedures to install above ground swimming pools that meet the definition of a permanently installed pool as described above in this article or meet the definition of a permanently installed pool.

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The general philosophy behind most Code requirements is to provide circuit protection that will shut down equipment before the supply conductors become overloaded, overheated, and damaged.

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Branch Circuits - Multiwire 210.4, 2014NEC (53min;05sec) Outdoor conductors running to buildings aren’t necessarily service conductors. They may be feeders or branch circuit conductors originating in another building. They may provide power for area lighting, outdoor equipment, or a separate structure. To determine if outdoor conductors are service

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